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How to get the Hollywood Regency look in your home

Posted on 04 February 2017

Enjoying something of a resurgence in popularity recently, the beautiful Hollywood Regency Interior Style has, in fact, been around about as long as Joan Collins has been trying to convince us she’s 100% natural. In 1930’s Hollywood, glitz and glamour were the order of the day - often referred to as the Golden Age of Film, the big movie stars were centre stage, and they were not to be upstaged by anyone…or anything.



Although this interior style has evolved over the decades, the vibe remains unchanged - the space should be about the people in it, and should be set up for effortless socialising. It’s about cocktail hour and the company. Think casually supping a dry martini, looking demure, whilst talking culture, the art world, travel…which is pretty much exactly what goes on at my house on a Friday night, except me and my girlfriends tend to be casually spilling red wine on my rug whilst complaining about missing the gym all week whilst discussing who’s having the last slice of pizza. But hey…I’m all about beautiful homes that are for living in!

5 Principles of the Regency Style and How to Apply them in Your Home!

if you are anything like me, and The Modern Regency Vibe is your cup of tea, then these are the 5 principals to live by:

Understated Opulence
Eclectic Sophistication
Balance Between Formal and Casual
Luxurious Detail
Clean Lines


Understated Opulence
Opulent lacquer furnishings are a mainstay of this style, but stick to black or white and leave the colour for elsewhere in the room. It is important to have pops of colour, but rein it in by sticking to 1-2 colours only. Complimentary colours (thats colours opposite each other on the colour wheel) work really well - I love blues and oranges together. Or play with different shades of colours that sit next to each other on the colour wheel, such as orange and pink.

Eclectic Sophistication
Experiment with different patterns, textures and eras - throw in some animal print or sequins; pair a Deco-style velvet tufted sofa with an amazing Mid Century sideboard. Just make sure you follow the 2-3 patterns in a room rule unless you are really great with clashing patterns…if you want to go for more pattern, play with scale as this can work wonders when combining several patterns - pair small confetti style pattern with huge oversized botanical prints and wide stripes.


Balance Between Formal and Casual
Don’t be afraid to be playful with your decor - an animal print throw cushion can absolutely work on a classic shape formal style sofa. Even better if it is accompanied by some gorgeous velvet ones in punchy colours. Or go all out and throw in a full on animal print chair or rug. Mix linens with velvets and damasks. A favourite way of achieving this balance, for me, is pairing a vintage wood dining table with dining chairs in modern materials such as perspex. Did you know you can get the most amazing brightly coloured perspex dining chairs…!

Luxurious Detail and Clean Lines
Luxurious detail could mean different things for different people, I personally love headboards and sofas with studded detail. I also love amazing one off pieces of artwork, and incredible large high quality area rugs. And of course you cant do Regency without plenty of metallic detail, which can add a really luxurious feel to a space. Brass, gold, rose gold…any of these will work beautifully. Lines should be kept clean and not distract from the room or the other pieces, and of course not from the beautiful people within the room! The beautiful armchairs with metal frames that are so popular today nail this.

Statement Pieces
You could literally make any part of the room a statement. Black and white checkered floors look incredible in this style of room. Another good place to make a statement is with your lighting - an amazing oversized chandelier, or incredible geo shaped metallic pendants, would add the wow factor. Or maybe you already have fabulous mirror or a piece of art that you would like to make the main focus point of the space - you could choose some of the colours within this and build your colour palette around this.

There are lots of designers making really nice pieces that fit the regency style. The good news is I have done the hard yards. Not only have I given you my tips on creating this glamorous look in your home, I have curated a selection of my favourite pieces below, especially for you!


I have gone for pops of pink and orange with some zebra print and gold thrown in! So go get your Greta Garbo on!  And if you need any further help in putting this look together give me a shout! And don't forget to read on further if you want to educate yourself on a bit of design history!

Artwork - Urban Road // Chandeliers - Regency Distribution // Greek Coffee Table & Side Table - domu // Pink Velvet Textured Cushion - Wayfair // Pink Pattern Cushion - Wayfair // Deco Style Beaded Lumber Pillow - Wayfair // Linen Backed Orange Velvet Cushion - Aura Tracie Ellis // Zebra Print Cushion - Simply Cushions // Glamour Sofa - domu // Zebra Print Feature Chair - James Said // Gable Arm Chair - domu // Pink Trellis Lamp - domu


Kirsty is a Sydney based Interior Designer & Stylist who; like Hazrat Inayat Khan believes "Some People Look For a Beautiful Place, Others Make a Place Beautiful" Learn more about Kirsty at


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