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How to make a small space look larger - 9 Tricks for small apartment living

Posted on 18 February 2017

Last week one of our Instagram followers @tommyontommy asked us how to make a small apartment look bigger than it is, which is what has led us to this weeks article. Have you got a burning question you want covered in one of our articles, make sure you let us know.

Small apartments are unpredictable things. One day you can’t possibly fit anything in, the next your walls have been pushed out and the ceiling has lifted! Well, at least that’s how it will feel after using these sneaky tricks on creating the illusion of spaciousness in your own home, without having to sacrifice style along the way.

Here are my tricks for small apartment living:

Be One With Nature

This one’s a personal necessity and of utmost importance, indoor plants.  When I’m outside, I’m in nature’s best design, so why not bring that back into your home?  Keep plants around the home, on shelving, in dead corners; a large indoor plant will ground the space and adds a natural feature element to your home. You don’t need hundreds! Two or three around the space will make a world of difference, pop a mirror in their midst to instantly double their impact.


Let there be light

Mirrors, mirrors, mirrors! Look for ways to bring reflective surfaces into the space; gloss cabinets, glass table tops, mirror splashbacks, get the natural light to bounce around the room.



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Avoid heavy dark curtains and replace with light sheer drapes to create privacy whilst encouraging natural light.


Floating Furniture

Be realistic with the space you have. No room for a coffee table? Get a beautiful statement side table that can be brought forward when needed and tucked to the side when not in use. Consider the flow of the room and how you use it. Too many ottomans, chairs and coffee table clusters will make your space seem tight, cramped and stressful. Bring it back to basics.


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Keeping things up off the ground gives the sense of a larger floor space. Install wall hung joinery, wall hung vanities and toilet, floating bookshelves and chose pendant lights instead of floor lamps. If you can’t install floating pieces, find furniture that’s got good pins, the thinner the legs the better! Avoid chunky and thick framed furniture.



Stay Low

Low furniture creates more space between the furniture and the ceiling giving a sense of extra height. Consider a low height coffee table, low back sofas and stools instead of dining chairs. Install floor to ceiling wardrobes and kitchen joinery, this encourages the wall to blend seamlessly into the room, and has the added bonus of all that extra storage up there!


Edit Your Palette

Colour choice is important, a colour can provoke feelings; happy, calm, zen or even overwhelmed, stressed and angry. Be sure to edit your palette accordingly!

Paint it white! Well, not everything but a good white base allows your space to breathe and lets your feature colours pop. Keeping in mind to make sure to use warm whites or cool whites, don’t mix them. Using lighter timbers, whites, muted colours, and a light ceiling colour, will help to lift the room and feel more spacious.


Calm & Decluttered

Calm, clean and decluttered spaces will not only make you feel relaxed, they also make your space feel larger!

Hoarders out there, take a deep breath. Rules I live by at my place; If it’s not pretty, if I don’t love it, if it doesn’t make me happy or it has no use in my life? Off to Vinnies.

If all else fails, control your clutter, display your possessions on floating open shelving for the world to see! So long as we are keeping it up off the ground we are still making your small space feel bigger.


Embrace the Walls

Embrace those teeny tiny apartment walls. Bring in colourful artwork, hang pot plants and elongated mirrors to encourage the eye to look up and around. Add a large artwork to the wall to give the impression of a much larger room.

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Pattern Play

Patterns are fun! Too many patterns in a small space isn’t so fun. Try not to clutter your senses with too much going on.  Stick to one or two complimenting patterns and work them into the colour palette.

Intimate Decorating

Get intimate with your decorating, use things that have meaning to you, personal trinkets from your year 3 art class, your mums antique kettle turned pot plant, meaningful artwork and mix them up with new and old around your home.

Don’t get caught up trying to make your home look like a perfectly styled magazine. Inject your personality into it, create your own unique spacious home.

Sophie is a Sydney based Interior Designer passionate about Interior's and creating perfectly unique spaces - Check her work out at


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