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Anita Traa from Wild Bath Body talks Candles

Posted on 30 June 2016

This week Danny from domu spoke with Anita Traa from Wild Bath Body about her candle making process. Wild Bath Body has created gorgeous scents to fill the home and just like me - she loves the citrus fruit smells as much as I!!

Can you recall how or why you became a candle maker?
It has been quite an organic process, from starting `Wild’ over 20 years ago to create my own ranges of Boutique Australian made Bath & Body products.

This blossomed into creating Australian Made Home Fragrance products such as our Soy Candles & Room Diffusers. We were pioneering in the highly fragranced candles.

How do you choose your materials?Wild Bath Body - Lemongrass Diffuser
Materials are chosen for their quality, this ensures that the final product will work to its highest performance.

I am a true believer in the value or sourcing & producing locally. Australia offer’s the world & ourselves beautiful, clean & high quality ingredients. My ingredients must also be sustainable, ethical as well as locally sourced.

Our fragrance blends & nearly all of packaging is Australian Made.

Do you work in a sustainable way? Explain.
We do work in a sustainable way, by sourcing locally made ingredients where we can, creating a small carbon footprint. We are very hands on; hand pouring in made to order batches.

What would you say are your values and ethics when it comes to designing?
My main values when designing a product are that they are ethically & environmentally produced & are `healthy’ for the consumer. I choose to use, or indeed not to use, ingredients based on these values & ethics.

For example I choose not to work with Palm Oil based waxes so that our candles are not part of Malaysia’s & other high Palm Oil producing Asian countries rainforest & natural habitat reduction.

I also will not use Paraffin waxes as I refuse to offer a petrochemical by-product that is made from crude oil. Imagine burning this in your home!

Can you describe your process when creating a new scent/range?
As a starting point, I consider the season the new scent will be launch in. A refreshing reviving blend will appeal to the warmer months, while a comforting, rich fragrance is perfect for the cooler months.

Inspiration can come from many areas, even food! As you can see with the Kaffir Lime Fragrant Home Range of Candles & Diffusers

Having a style of fragrance in mind ie warm, cool etc, I will gather a selection of essential oils & single note pure fragrant oils in different combinations till I find what I am looking for.

What part of the process excites you the most?
Most definitely creating & playing with the fragrances. It’s so much fun & can be quite an intense process. Although you do need to give your nose a break & smell the coffee beans!

What makes you different or unique from other candle manufacturers?
Wild blends with 100% Pure Soy in our candles and uses 100% Australian made high quality fragrance oils & essential oils. Our commitment to using local produced packaging as well as products!

From all your ranges/scents which is your favourite and why?
I enjoy the Wild Kaffir Lime Home fragrance range, it’s uplifting & refreshing.

The packaging is functional & simple and without excess, all the things I want in this often over packaged world.

What do you enjoy most about designing and making your products?
I love being able to follow my instincts & whim. An idea or scent or can inspire & I am free to run with it. It can be such an energetic & exciting process.

Is your home really perfectly styled, or crazy and chaotic?
A combination of both. The Family areas tend to become both crazy and chaotic, until it becomes too out of control. It then is purged of chaos & paraphernalia, only unfortunately to slowly build up again! Areas of calm & stylising are reserved for a separate lounge (which oddly enough we don’t tend to use) and my partner & my bedroom, where I enjoy a calm and clear surrounding, perfect to sneak off for a quite read on a Sunday afternoon.

Why do you continue to do what it is you do?
Simply put, I enjoy making & creating.

My background is Fine Arts at VCA Melbourne, and since these days I have continued to play, dabble, and create, be it through fragrance, or through designing packaging & products. I love being able to follow my creative path & choose their direction.


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