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Featured Artist - Alysha Wright

Posted on 25 September 2016

My name is Alysha Wright, and I am 29 year old mother to 3 monkeys.

I was first introduced to the world of art (and especially craft) from the age of two or three by my "nanny plum"

I grew up wanting to be able to "art" just like her, but did not have the patience to learn or practice as she suggested.

She told me then, (and I now even hear her telling my kids the exact same thing) and still reminds me now that "YOU CAN DO ANYTHING IF YOU TRY" and she is also a big fan of "see, I told you you could"!!

She is the most incredible artist- especially with oil paints. Her landscapes, real scenes and ability to paint people from a photo blows my mind, although she's my inspiration- oil painting is just not my strength

My first adventure started out with a personalised canvas (image below) I made for hubby and my bedroom, about 6 years ago. I facebooked a picture of what I'd made and had generated 6 orders over night.


I was very unsuspecting, and never viewed my work in the same light others do!

At this point Alysha Renee Designs was born, name courtesy of my beautiful mum and "business manager".

Since then there have been a string of creative outlets, including the canvasses, timber blocks and now resin art.

I'm in love. I've found my happy 'medium'

If I'm not being mum, or lifting heavy weights, I am in my "studio" which for some reason my husband keeps calling his "garage" (what does that mean?) creating whatever my mind will let me achieve!!! 


I am the ultimate scallywag/mischief maker/ trick loving grown up that refused to grow up, and my goal is to not tell, but SHOW my 3 mini-me's that with persistence, hard work & dedication- you really can follow your dreams.

If you would like one of Alysha's original resin art works, make sure you check them out over at the store.


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