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Choosing Art is an Art - How to choose the perfect Art piece for your home

Posted on 25 September 2016

In this week’s post, the World of Domu is tackling the topic of choosing the right art pieces for your home. We wanted to provide our readers with some tips on the when, what and how of finding art that truly complements your space.

Don't rush!
Adding art to an interior should be left to the very end – regardless of whether you have just moved into a new place or just looking to freshen up your existing decor. You want to have your furniture installed and the colour of your walls determined prior to deciding on the display of art. Don’t rush to buy. Find something you LOVE. Does it speak to you? Does it energise you? Become familiar with your surrounding neighbourhoods and browse local galleries or art shows for inspiration

Layer it
We love the idea of experimenting with different styles and textures, including sculptures! This adds layers and personality – from classic paintings to art photography and portraits, to abstract and even resin art To give you an idea, the images below show how both resin art and art photography can create a very different yet impactful space.

This resin piece makes a statement on its own within a neutral living space (Image: Ben Hecht).

Don't break the wallet to impress
At the same time, don’t make the mistake of associating talent with fame – a piece of art doesn’t necessarily need to be famously renowned or expensive to be appreciated. This is what makes choosing art very personal. In fact, if you have an opportunity to travel, check out the works of local artists - this can be another fun way to find out more about the culture! Useful tip: if going local, we recommend making contact with the artist directly to get a better deal! It is not uncommon for galleries to charge double the price. Check out this beautiful portrait below sourced directly from a local artist in Vietnam.

Portrait by a local artist in Vietnam. (Image: N. Selivanova)

Identify your visible walls
Next, know your walls! Our biggest pet peeve when displaying art is disproportions. If a wall is large, you want to avoid hanging a smaller artwork – it gets lost! Take note of the effective use of wall space in the image below. This portrait is a definite showstopper in this contemporary home.

Portrait by an up and coming British artist, HUSH (Image: N. Selivanova)

And of course, if you are missing a statement piece to fill a large and visible wall, you can opt for creating a personalised arrangement of your own carefully selected pieces.

Remember your space
Keep in mind the general style of your interiors. A traditional home calls for classic paintings, whereas a modern home can be complimented with slicker, more daring art pieces. Even better, we say experiment with more original pieces such as the Lulu Mirror by Uniqwa Furniture shown below, where several mirrors are creatively arranged on the wall to add to this interior’s contemporary bohemian look.

An arrangement of the Lulu mirrors (Image: Uniqwa Furniture)

These, along with the round wall panel shown below, are just a few great alternatives to bring art into smaller spaces such as an apartment or studio where you don’t have as much wall space to experiment with larger pieces. So get creative and opt for smaller yet impactful wall accessories.

Round wall panel designed by Hotster (Image: Hotster)

You can browse a range of beautiful art work by Australian Artists directly on our Domu online store! And Check out our featured artists - Alysha Wright and Anne-aree Wise

This weeks blog written by Natalia Selivanova IG: @nataliaselivanova_



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