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The luxury of Art Deco

Posted on 08 October 2016

If like us you have been watching Channel 9’s The Block recently, then like us you will have Art Deco on your minds. In The World of domu this week, we wanted to explore this timeless movement and we believe it can compliment any modern home. 

Decorating with Art Deco furniture does not get boring, either. With many different materials, including the likes of wood, marble, chrome, plastic, and glass, this style is often seen applied to chairs, tables, cabinetry, as well as beds and chandeliers. As you can see, you can decorate with Art Deco pieces if you wanted to and bring a sense of old Hollywood Glamour or New York Regency luxury to your home.

Geometric forms, bold colours and symmetrical patterns – this is what comes to mind when describing an Art Deco piece. Although the peak of its popularity dates back to the 1920s/30s, to this day, Art Deco brings with it an undertone of luxury and glamour. Check out The Block's Julia & Sasha's take on a Modern Art Deco living room below:

Julia & Sasha The Block

Julia and Sasha's living and dining area. Source:

We love the vibrant colours of the art and the brass details of the furniture pieces! And its not by chance that these pieces are designed this way. As the Art Deco movement started shortly after The First World War, designers wanted to recreate the optimism and positivity of the society at the time and reflect this in their designs. Nowadays, it is not rare to find homebuyers wanting to recreate a little avant-garde look in their homes. To help guide you in the right direction, we thought we would create a short list of how you can add a piece of Art Deco to your home and do so in style!

Layer with accessories and artistic paintings

Jonathan Adler Sitting Room

Image via Jonathan Adler

Experiment with geometric shapes

Art Deco Geometrics

NYC apartment, Art Deco chandelier

Make room for prominent lines

Art Deco Sofa

This sofa’s distinct lines exude drama, Freshome.

Add bold and vibrant colours

Jonathan Adler Deisgns

Image Via Jonathan Adler

We love this style so much that you can find beautiful modern day Art Deco pieces to decorate your home with on our online store. Check out a few sample furniture pieces shown below that you can add to your home today!

This weeks blog written by Natalia Selivanova IG: @nataliaselivanova_



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